How do I show freedom while also showing the diversity of life stories and beautiful humanity existing behind prison bars? How do I show the consistent theme of incarceration among Black Americans? After illustrating the concept by hand with ink, it was clear that mixed-media should be used to reflect the essence of what it means to understand the layers of shared humanity. Together, over several days, Spotify playlists and beers, Lennie and I created a watercolor wash for each letterpress poster to express the value of individual story, making no two prints the same. As the black paint made its imprint, we were reminded of the approximately 1 million Black Americans incarcerated today.


In order to express freedom, it needs to be experienced during the creative process. This was true in our choice of application, letting go of perfection, and how we collaborated to create such a moving piece that embodies the message of SCHR, “We value the dignity, equality, diversity, and freedom of all: freedom from oppression, freedom from barriers between people, freedom to live a full and joyous life.”

This limited edition print supporting the Southern Center for Human Rights can be purchased at