After reaching critical insights related to career advancement, personal goals, and staff relationships, we asked ourselves: How might we create a stability model for Details team members before, during, and after their work day? Our rapid ideation sessions honoring the design question led us to patterns and three teams co-designing for spatial, professional, and personal interventions.


As a designer on the “personal” team, we proposed two interventions supporting food access and positive public space:

Community Garden Space

With open space on the third floor (roof), and a strong history of Details team members “breaking bread” together, the community garden space is meant to be a source of ingredients that promote a meal cooking/sharing program amongst employees. Ideally, Details would partner with another social venture or non-profit program focused on food access or community garden in Baltimore.

Benefits: Opportunity to facilitate connection around meals and mealtime and become a source of food for Details family members.
Challenges: Requires consistent upkeep, relies on employees’ presence in the space and interest in filling out the board.


Community Wall: Highlighting the company’s shared sense of community, a wall of engagement was designed to be posted in a public space and shared amongst crew and management, void of hierarchy and allowing for social interaction. The community wall may highlight where crews are currently working, have worked, or where individual crew members are interested in working in the future. It also has a “happenings” section with a Details events calendar and an event idea space where team members can contribute.

Benefits: Facilitates personal interactions and team members’ choice for social events and future work.
Challenges: Requires consistent upkeep, relies on team members’ presence in the space and interest in filling out the board.



Project Team: Matt Barr, Jaynie Chartrand, María Isabel García-Díaz, Smile Indias, Devika Menon, Naeeme Mohammadi, Patricia Natalie, Molly Reddy, Rachel Serra, Irina Wong, Mimi Yang.